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BAC TV Network Channel Owners Program

This Platform is for Creators

The BAC TV Network Channel Ownership Program is for those who are committed to streaming and are ready to level up to become an owner of you their own TV channel and/or Radio station. BAC TV Network are creators who stream a variety of content, from inspiration, music, talk shows, religious, art,  just about anything else you can imagine. If you love sharing what you do with a live community and have built up a sizable audience on BAC TV Network or other services.

As a BAC TV Network Channel Owner, you’ll have access to the following benefits:

As a BAC TV Network Channel Owner, you’ll have access to the following benefits:



BAC TV Network Channel Owners can earn revenue by our BAC TV & Radio Partnership/Affiliate program.

BAC TV Network Provides owner for your channel:

  • TV Channel customization:
    • Channel Control panel- Through your control panel is here you will be able to broadcast, setup your Restreams for broadcast distribution, embed codes for player and chat features.

Playout/Mixer/Encoder Software

The following software works on your (PC only) computer

  • Playout Software- Breaks control in BAC TV playout software is one of the important and useful features which adds a further professional touch to your live streams. You can add commercials or even short contents in the midst of your streaming playlists by using this feature. To add breaks to your streaming contents. With the Playout software you are able to pre-program you channel.  The Playout will allow you to program your channel and insert ads, station ids, on a schedule.  Through the encoder you are able to live broadcast using various broadcast streaming software like OBS, VMix and more…
  • Mixer Software- The mixer is your live broadcaster control on your computer. It allows you to go live, camera switcher, add effects, lower 3rds and more.
  • Autostream- An optional software that will allow your channel to develop playlist that will stream 24/7. ($60 yearly license fee additional)

Channel Distribution

  • Restream– Distribute your broadcast to multiple social media and other streaming servers at one time. Simultaneously live stream / syndicate to multiple social media networks to Build your brand.
    •– As a channel operator, your Live feed will be added to BAC TV Network website. As well as a link to your website.

Other Features

  • Video Transcodes: Station Owners will always have first priority access to quality options for their channel. Quality options allow viewers to adjust the quality in which they view a broadcast for the best experience.
  • Priority Support– BAC TV Network Station Owners have access to a dedicated support team.
  • Access to Station Owners-only opportunities: Station Owners will be considered for special promotional opportunities such as Station Owners Spotlights, Meet & Greets, Station Owners Panels, Streamer Zones, and more.
  • To learn more about how to grow your channel on BAC TV Network, BAC TV Network Creator Institute will be the place for you.



BAC TV Network Channel Owners can earn revenue by our BAC TV & Radio Partnership/Affiliate program.

As a BAC channel owner you will be given a unique code to market.  When a channel or station owner uses this special code, our system will recognize that it came from the owner and is paid on those paid service or products.  You would use that link on all your promotions, webpages to make sure you get the credit and commission.

+ Your channel generates 100% commissions on all shows, programs, commercials on your channel.

As a TV Channel owner, you are able to make your channel a premium channel, where you can charge a monthly subscription fee and you generate 100% commission on your premium channel.

User Channel subscriptions- meaning that you will generate commissions when an end user subscribes to your paid channel or paid subscriptions of other channels. And you will generate residual income when the user keeps their subscription.

Generate 20% commission on new TV channel owner joins BAC TV. And you will generate 15% residual income when the channel or radio station owner keeps their subscription.

When BAC TV Network Sells adverting on your channel and other channels BAC pays you a 50% commission on the advertisement.

BAC TV Network books a show on your station or channel channel/station owner receive a 50% commission on the booking.

Banner advertising on your website and commissions on selling on other sites within BAC community of sites. The channel/station owner receives 30% commission on the ad.

Generate $15% commission from affiliate links to BAC TV Network E-Commerce store.

Generate $15% commission on the products and services sold through you or generated from your affiliate links.

TV Channel Channel Owners Responsibilities

As a BAC TV channel owner you are responsible for your channel.

  • Website-  
    • You are considered independent and as a channel/station owner you host your own station on your TV/Radio website.  (If you don’t have a webmaster/designer BAC media department can design and host your site.)
  • Website and content maintenance-  
    • As an independent owner you are responsible for maintaining your site unless you contract BAC TV/Radio to maintain it for you.  (Fees to be discussed)
  • Content- 
    • As an owner you are responsible for all the content that is aired on your station.
    • You are responsible for programming, archiving, and content for your station/channel.
      • *There is absolutely no nudity, pornography allow on BAC TV & Radio Network.
    • We recommend, that you setup a YouTube account so that you can archive your content.
  • Advertising
    • As a station owner you are responsible for your own advertising, marketing and promotions.
    • As a part of the BAC Network your channel/station will be added to our BAC TV & Radio Network directory, BAC TV Facebook directory and Biz Help 101’s directory.
    • Your channel/station will be featured on the front page of BAC TV & Radio Network as a new featured channel/ station
    • Your live shows will be available on BAC Radio & TV Network (via embed code).

BAC TV & Radio Marketing & Distribution

  • BAC APP- BAC TV & Radio network will be developing an app to be distributed through Apple, Android, Samsung and other App stores as a free download.
  • IVTP Devices– BAC TV & Radio Network will be distributing Roku, Apple TV, Amazon Firestick, Samsung, LG, Google Chrome Cast and more to be added as outlets for customers to see our network.  As a station/channel owner your live shows will be available as part of our network.

Station and Channel Owner Support

Our success is predicated on your success.

  • We will be providing tutorials,
  • Ongoing training
  • 24/7 technical support
  • As a BAC TV & Radio owner bonus is that your receive a CEO membership. All ongoing training and tutorials will be on Biz Help 101.
  • Downloadable Forms, releases, how to’s are available.


BAC TV & Radio Network has a couple great software bonuses that you receive when you register for you own station.

  • Crushing Ad Creator app-  This is an add creator that you can create as many ads as you need to promote your radio station.
  • BAC Logo Pro App-  This powerful app will help you to design logos for you and your customers.
  • BAC Scratch Off App- Create AMAZING & VIRAL Scratch and Win Campaigns And Generate Massive Traffic, Subscribers And Sales!

Your Investment

As a BAC owner your subscription is on a monthly basis and you are able to cancel at any time.

TV Channel    

TV Channel Price is $100.00 per month + $80 yearly software license fees

Pre-launch special $100.00 per month and license fee is waived $80 discount

 Total is $100 per month

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