Lesson 16 Invading Family System

Lesson 16 Invading Family System is a part of our series Marketplace ministry taught by Brian Cochran of Kingdom Business. The lesson aim is to show the need for Christians be light and Salt in the family system, there is such a need for believers to restore family and its values.

Invading the MarketplacePart 10B”The Economy”

Kingdom Business with Brian Cochran will be in continuing in the series Marketplace Ministry and todays lesson is from Invading the MarketplacePart 10B called “The Economy”

What is Marketplace Ministry part 5

lesson 5 What is Marketplace Ministry? We will go through the differences and what God says about it.

Your Mission in the Marketplace Part 1

New series about Marketplace Ministry and the lesson “Your Mission in the Marketplace Part 1”. lesson aim- understanding our purpose by being Salt and Light.Fore more details go to www.kingdombusiness.biz